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Interior and Exterior Tile Assistance

Whether you need a complete remodel or need supplies for a do-it-yourself project, trust the professionals at Tilemasters to get you the materials you need. We can get tile specific for your bathroom, kitchen, or patio.

You can count on our team to take whatever vision you have in mind and bring it to life. Whether you looking for tiles for your interior or exterior, our team will be there to help you out.


Personalized Attention

Our goal is to satisfy your tile need and to ensure that all of the specific details of your project are met. With our team, we always try to take it to the next level and exceed your expectations.

Speak with our staff today and we will work with you to make sure that your project is completed within your allowed budget.

Professional Tile Services


Give us a call or visit our beautiful showroom in Lenexa, KS today.

Tile Installation

Tile installation is among one of the most important parts of any home remodel. It’s a necessary activity for all tile contractors Lenexa KS. Once you have made selections of tile, you want to ensure that investment is handled correctly and installed with precision. This is where my team of highly trained and insured tile installers comes in. Our tile installers will ensure each step of the installation process is done correctly. From inspection of the subfloor, the base layer of flooring, to the final grout and clean. This will ensure that your investment will last a lifetime.

Why is professional installation important?

When you make the decision to remodel your home. The property owner is making a hefty investment into the longevity, style, and value of your home! Professional tile installation by our tile contractors Lenexa KS will ensure that investment holds up to whatever life may throw at it.

Consider also most products have a manufacturer warranty. By installing the product yourself, you may be voiding the warranty and not even knowing it. Let our team of professional tile installers ensure that product is installed to the manufacturer specifications. This will give you the added protection of the manufacturer’s warranty and my own personal guarantee of two years!


Included With Our Tile Installation

TileMasters goes above and beyond just tile installation. When you choose us to install your flooring, you will be getting way more than just tiles. You will be receiving superior customer service, knowledgeable tile contractors Lenexa KS that will explain all steps to you and how to maintain your floors for the longest life span possible!


Additional Service Included With Tile Installation

Subfloor inspection- Most homeowners have never seen their homes subfloor. Subflooring is the base layer to your floor. It is basically the bones of your house, with TileMasters before we do any tile installation. We will inspect and ensure there is no squeaks, or any damage that needs to be replaced before we start.

Free first maintenance provided– I know I am guilty of this as a new home owner. Maintenance is something that is rarely talked about and make sure it is completed. This can change significantly the lifespan of you new tile. With Tilemasters, our tile contractors Lenexa KS include the first round of maintenance for you. Caulking of tile shower and backsplashes ensures there is no leaks and drastically improves the lifespan of your investment. This is normally needing to be done every 1 to 3 years but rarely done. Tilemasters wants to ensure to get the most out of your project. That is why this is included in your install. A $250 per area value, you will get for free only with us!

Certified and insured Tile installers – Tilemasters has personally trained all our tile contractors Lenexa KS to guarantee your new floor is in the best hands possible. Sleep well at night knowing you have found the masters, the TILE MASTERS!!

Free in home estimates- Worried about cost, let a short 45 min in home visit show you just how affordable the tile of your dreams really is. This will also allow you to meet our team and ask all the questions you have. On my side this gives me the ability to give you the most accurate and comprehensive quote available.


Heated Floor System

The ultimate upgrade to any tile floor. You haven’t lived till you find yourself doing your business on the john and been able to warm up your feet under the bath rug with our heated floor system. Take it from me, its the greatest feeling! Warms up your whole body, almost indescribable. Fun fact: electric heated floor systems is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home! Using less energy per square foot than any other method. Especially when complied with our smart wifi thermostat. Come talk to us about making your already amazing floor even better by adding heat!


Contractor Pricing

Are you a contractor? Ask us about our contractor discount on material and tile when doing tile installation for multiple homes. We also have a builders only line of tile! With impressive style and a shocking price. For our contractors , we also offer full use of our showroom. We have setup a fantastically designed showroom with 1000’s of selections to choose from. Pulled from nine distributors in the Kansas City area and a few you may never of heard of. Our selections are consistently updated so you will always find something new when you walk in. Take care of your customers just as well as we do, when you make use of our showroom. Make us your one stop shop for all your tile and tile installation needs.


Design Help

You stuck with your home remodel, let us give you a hand. Our designers have extensive knowledge of our product and the ability to take your vision and make it a reality. When you come to us for design help, we bring one exclusive aspect that I believe to be the most important. Our designers have all spent time as tile installers. This gives them the ability to design with the end picture in mind. They won’t design a tile shower that can’t be accomplished to reality. This gives you the peace of mind that your new tile will be exactly how you imagined it.



Do you want to make your next remodel as easy as possible? Don’t waste your time driving to 10 different suppliers in town. We have them all in one spot!! TileMaster’s showroom is a collection of 1000’s of tiles from all major vendors in the Kansas CIty area. Our stock of tile is constantly revolving, you will always find something new. So check back often!


Custom Showers

Do you have an out there, crazy idea for a shower? I want to hear it. Custom tile installation is the main reason why I love tile so much! We get to show off our skills to make your dreams come true. Tilemasters loves when you give us a challenge. We have done some of the craziest shower you can dream of. Custom tile inlays, backlit glass tile, custom built tile shelves, and many more are possible with our tile contractors Lenexa KS.


Onyx Shower System

Onyx shower systems is by far the easiest to maintain system to date!


Older Home Remodels

No one can deny building methods have changed since the 60’s. But what if I have an older home and want to give it a fresh new look? Not to worry, tilemasters has exclusive product and extensive know how to get even the oldest homes up to par with new homes being built today. We have trained our tile installers to