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Our Fantastic Team

TileMasters experienced its 25th year anniversary in 2019, proudly serving the Kansas City metro area. We are looking forward to the next 25 year of providing the best work found by tile contractors Lenexa KS! Over the years, we have earned the title Masters! We remain strong in preserving and improving our skills as tile installers. Our team brings with them everyday an attitude that I want our customers to be proud and show off our work!

We specialize in Tile installation, porcelain, ceramic and natural stone. TileMasters is an expert in kitchen and bath remodeling. We offer the attention to detail and customer service other tile installation companies over look. Starting with our quotes. Every item is clear and separated so you understand how much each item cost down to separating labor and material. Our quotes are precise and easy to understand. There is no guessing and you know the cost before we ever start your project.

Our team are some of the best Tile installers in the Kansas City area. I personally work with and train our team to hold up the highest of standards. We are clean and respectful of your property. Our team consistently ask ourselves, if this was my house how would I want it treated! We Have never had a customer we could please! Ask around!

All of our work is guaranteed for 2 years. With no questions asked, our tile installation will be bulletproof, and last you a lifetime! To illustrate even more clearly how we easily stack up against other tile contractors Lenexa KS, here is a great comparison chart of us versus the other guys!



Typical Tiling Companies

Two-Year + Warranty

We’re willing to go back and ensure that our work stays flawless in order to take care of previous customers.

Finding Them is a Mystery

Good luck getting a hold of them! Once the work is done, can you call them back? 

Left Better Than We Found It

Keeping the property cleaner than we find it is one of our many marks of respect and professionalism with our clients.

Leaving a War Zone Behind

We’ve heard of everything and anything with other tile guys and their lack of consideration for people’s properties.

I Dare You, Call Our Past Customers! 

With more 5-star reviews coming every day and a reference sheet of customers to call, it’s hard NOT to work with us.

“Trust, But Don’t Verify” – Not Ronald Reagan

You’ll find most tiling companies are selling jobs on the “scouts honor” system.

Pride in Our Trusty Crew

We’ve been here a minute & we’ll be around for the next! With 25 years of work and projects in the Kansas City area, we’re confident that we truly ARE the masters.

Chucks in Their Trucks

Most of the other guys are one-man shows who do not have the proven track record to back up their claims of excellence.

Line-By-Line Itemized Estimating

Here’s the labor, here’s the materials and here’s how we stay in business. There’s no confusion with our pricing, which solidifies your decision to choose us.

Vague Ideas & Theories on Estimating

They will start with an estimate “around this much.” Over the course of the project, the estimates become very confusing and filled with tons of change-orders. BOO!

Two-Year Warranty

With our two year warranty, it’s so much more than just a standard policy in our business. Many experiences we have heard from other customers and contractors are not positive when it comes to this category. They frustratingly talk about how companies will do work for a customer, but there are issues with the job. Then when the customer tries to get in touch with the contractor, they can’t get ahold of them.

Then when they can’t get ahold of them, they come calling us. At Tile Masters, it’s absolutely critical that we are available to be on call with all customers. On top of that, if any of our previous customers needs work, we are always going to be there to help him out and make sure that our work stands the test of time. In fact many of our clients never even need to use the warranty because of the quality we implement with our installations.


Left Better Than We Found It

Don’t you just hate it when your kids come in from a muddy day in the rain and totally make your place dirty? Customers who work with tile contractors Lenexa KS run into situations very similar. You have tired contractors who are busy working hard and making a mess. The only problem is the homeowner will likely still live there so they need to obviously feel good about living in their place still. When it comes down to the details of keeping the place clean even in the dirty workplace, many contractors do not invest the time needed and the resources utilized in order to ensure cleanliness.

That’s why with TileMasters, we are masters of taking care of the property. We hear too many stories of customers who are left with basically war zones in their home. No one should live in a war zone and that’s why with TileMasters, they can be trusted as an effective and tidy tile contractors Lenexa KS.


I Dare You, Call Our Past Customers!

It’s as simple as that! We’ve done work in the area for a couple decades and over the course of time, a lot of projects are likely in your neighborhood. So when someone talks with us and considers using us, we give them a couple different names and plead with them to get in contact to make sure that their work is validated. Everybody knows that there are contractors that are shady, and that’s why having real referrals approve of us make such a huge difference.


Proud of Our Trusty Crew

If I were proud of our trusty crew! The tile contractors Lenexa KS on our team have gone through the grind to make sure that they know the skills they need to know and have all the tricks in the bag to get things taken care of. We insure this by having daily huddles with the guys and consistent training to be implemented on a weekly basis. And while the contractors are too preoccupied with a mess of their business to prioritize training, we prioritize it because of its immense long-term impact to satisfied customers.


Line-By-Line Itemized Estimating

I could talk so much about this business, but the final area they know they separate themselves from competitors is with their line by line itemized estimating. Many tile contractors Lenexa KS are not proactive with their efforts and being detailed with estimates. In fact the narrative with many customers is that they end up confused and asking more questions after the contractor gives them a price. Then later on, they likely give them different prices because they were not sure the first time about the pricing. That’s why whenever you choose any of the tile contractors Lenexa KS companies, you really need to get in touch with Tile Masters today.