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Low again this is Alex with tile masters out of Kansas City J we’re gonna be top memela but how I started here I am one of the partners here I work directly beside my father Robert Rex he started the company back in 941 the greatest people to work with he treats his employees well why he taught me the mentality of treat your employees teacher employees enough that they can go out on their own treat them well enough that they never want to and that’s how we keep our top quality installers I talk to them every my scholars every month in review them and get to know them and take care about them and we all have our own personal lives we don’t wanna step in forward of it and that’s where they can keep that mentality that they want to stay here I’ve been told by several people to this is 1 of the greatest jobs that we have I know how I have accomplished it but I am proud to say that that I get to hear that from my guys I started here when I was 16 years old I had worked with my father before still love working with them hes taught me everything that I know I started out bottom level he gate gave me nov uppers know a hand up so handouts I was a installer or a helper and went to the same training process that we go through with all of our installers I was a low man on totem Pole.

I was to 1 care in all the Tile Installer Kansas City work my butt off for the least amount of money and I thank him every day that I could get that opportunity because it taught me more than enough to keep my guys happy even though we are doing a hard job I hour for 2 years I’ve when I was 16 I was there in the summer I was delivery driver I was a helper when I can be out on job still going to school at the same time at age 18 I didn’t leave and take a sabbatical I went and served in the military which I bring a lot of qualities from the Marine Corps into tile masters and Tile Installer Kansas City in can see in general they taught me a lot of attention to detail how to slow down make the job right now also to hustle and the slowest moves move this fast that still applies to tile even though it was a military quality that was stopped me once I came back back and 2015 I mediately started working as a glorified helper I didn’t at that point looking back I do feel like I moved a little bit too fast to a glorified helper I could have been a help or a limit longer would help me not have any badd traits that I had thought I had learned from when I was in high school as a helper but 6 months a year later I had worked out those Badin a habits and worked in how to install current tile to the tile masters standards and since then I’ve been studying and reading the NTC and a manual the tile installation manual for all of United States on how to do it correctly and implementing our own ways of making sure that is up to par as far as adding in extra materials to get the ribbon stall sit flat building tiles mosaic tiles ourselves off site and then bring them to the job to be installed all these are very strained methods to a lot of other tieless relation companies and can city ….

But for the reason why we are superior we are the tile masters we always win the things that always keeps me here and kiss me want to learn more as we always get to try something new we’re in a different part of the city we are still doing the same thing as forest Tile Installer Kansas City goes but we all judge are different the style changes customers that come up with some really cool designs like I did a entry floor where we had 1818th on a diagonal with a ribbon a mosaic surround it and Robert gives me the opportunity to come up with how I would do it and gives me just tips and suggestions on how to accomplish it verses tell me this is the only way it can be done because there’s a 1000 different ways to accomplish the same task and that bility to choose how Mona accomplish this task gives me the opportunity to change my job and learn a different method try something different that could actually speed me up or give me a it to look better that at all I show in the final product After about 2I3 years as an installer I had worked through all the positions I had been put on some of the toughest jobs that we were on I had made my mistakes I’ve had a tear out showers before because I didn’t do it correctly tile didn’t look good some didn’t go my way that day and I had to own those mistakes with our Tile Installer Kansas City. I take those mistakes and I ask myself what I do wrong and how can I improve the Tile Installer Kansas City. from this IA mistake his and we must take if you don’t learn from it so every mistake that I make is a learning opportunity that I could make sure it doesn’t happen again Finally in the past 2 years I have moved into a sales position poly the hardest job I’ve ever had here at tile masters tile is a hard thing the cell we are a high quality installation company that IA prices reflect that and we quality is something that a lot of people don’t think about they don’t have that attention to detail and we gotta have our guys slow down so we cannot have that low prices that a lot of other tile companies to.

As I keep going I keep learning and I still make mistakes we are all human I keep refining my process getting better and better I listen to Robert another contracting companies that we work for to improve my job I’m always looking for new methods and what somebody else’s tried I its there’s no new thought in the world it’s all been done before and I’ll keep learning those methods in implementing the ones that I like and that will keep improving just keep improving if we just keep work in where the keep moving and that’s exactly what I would my mentality with it all is at I just because I messed up now doesn’t mean that I’m in a mess up next time I’m going to take what I messed up there and apply it to the next one and improve and more I do it the better and better I get it just takes time and effort and that’s what we’ve got plenty of hearing tile masters …. I Alex Rex love working here at tile masters I would get a great crew behind us we’re all friends we all 4 together well and it makes for happy safe environment to work in and that really shows of what we can do here and the family that we’ve created that you would never have expected out of us I love it we all work together for the greater good of Tile Installer Kansas City. I couldn’t talk hire enough about tile masters I love everyone here and I will do anything to to make their lives easier and that we all take wanna take care of each other and that’s the key to everything we help each other out Augustana go smoother roll happier and we enjoy a job a little bit more and that’s all look everyone wants is just to enjoy their job and joy their lives we might be working are both knees into the dirt and I might not be getting the pain the most out of everyone in the world but we’re happy that’s all that we went out this life is just to be happy so I you more in lagna come talk to me anytime I’m I’m here a tile masters are numbers 9134388453 thank you.