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Low tile masters here again with another Podcast about Tile Installer Kansas City work. we’re going on to part 3 of older homes in older homes are very difficult take take a lot of knowledge in order to make sure it’s done correctly And tile here in Kansas City does have a lot of older homes Switch would been around since the 1800s we have a lot of home said are older but this even goes into more modern and feathers it’ll come from even modern codes that have gone out a date so this is from 1980 to 1999 during those time frames it was code for builders to be able to use happened plywood tongue and groove always be over 16″ for Joyce and that would be OK for it to set Tile Installer Kansas City over top of it or what a flooring that was going on top of it especially since there was still a lot of mud set floors concrete for its it was a lot of a different material well that code took about 10 years but they finally found out that that was badd so half inch plywood has again we talk about then set then said doesn’t like vibration improvement that’s where it has to have an isolation between mentioning the traction movement deflection pressure all that comes into effect or so eighties nineties home,

They had this in their system a permit building message nothing was wrong with it at the time a but we have learned since then and that’s where we at tile masters like to keep above the curve will learn as we go wrong ways adding in adapting and moving on to better things because how we have store today will not be how we install in 10 years so Happens plywood again we gotta go back to the same way we have to install slap board under limit or cyborgs sub floor don’t all just from a few years ago I used a 1/2 inch plywood overlay it again making sure when the common mistakes make sure you some pin or glue we’ve due to supply wood plywood destruction he said that makes in mall one piece crossed it all in blue is cheap failures are not glue glue glue 12 for half sheet a ply wood so 4 by 4 area 1 tube of construction he said I screwed with to in scruple screws into the floor Joyce making sure you hit them every 6 to 8″ again screws are cheap failures or not then we have to overlay it again then said to down nail it down then said our Tile Installer Kansas City I and this would get out create that issue of the transition moving up into the next floor giving that appearance that it was an after thought that this Room was remodeled more than we can make it original more that we can make it like you built the home that this is brand new again tell message once you to show off your work our work.

I that’s a ringel I want you to be out of be proud to say this is mine and why I love working at talmash it was because of some of those customers that 1 to pick out the Tile Installer Kansas City behind my back A1A perfect I’m gonna give it to him perfect and There’s challenges to him all this is where we find seek out the newest products we encourage adaptation and moving forward in getting the job double correctly and on …. is where we try to encourage going busy to the in cio port I add a bit of 5th of it being a green substance lowers the transition makes it look like it has been an afterthought it can be a perfect smooth transition you don’t see that step up or step down in order to get into a Room and goes over the same qualities as it is the newest method of how to install and again while you can do things differently this is our best method and I think it’s going to be great …. so enjoy some Tile Installer Kansas City excellence with us.