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Hello tell masters here again with another Podcast going on to part 2 of common Tile Installer Kansas City mistakes and easily some of the things you can watch forward to prevent these mistakes from happening Including some …. Now I know some of these gotta watch for while the job is going on Want to come show the system that I put together that once they learned they get the rhythm down the head it makes their job easier and prevent some of these easy mistakes that really show in the amount of detail that we go into I chipping tiles during clean up someday we can’t tell is going to happen until the installer is already in his process of installing the tile the cleaner that they stay the easier the clean up they’d have less chance of chipping a Tile Installer Kansas City.

It is purely that simple I and that’s all due to making sure that they are using the proper tools to install the tile if they have done their prep work correctly they would have seen that if they would’ve had build something else or they didn’t had too much to fluxion in the wall according to our TC in a manual on the Tile Installer Kansas City manual of North America that in 10′ you cannot have more than a quarter inch move in the wall so in sellers post to take their level put it on the wall and see how much he moves if I give more than record of an inch I have to do something about it that’s where prep work I look at that I can’t set tile yet I mix of a bucket of mud a skim coat the wall I make it perfectly flat come back the next day start my tile work now of yukin lower my trial size down and stay to a proper amount of mud underneath the tile not having to build-up to an Access does the RA since it’s only rated for a certain depth it is designed to be add an 8th to a quarter of an inch depth and pushing it is 3/4 depending on On the thin said I is yes or stay from one’s different then says for different purposes but and again as well we choose the correct material to choose the right material and the job boko smooth skin coat that wall perfectly flat let that harden and come back the next day my wall has now I can put then set on top at then said because I no longer can we do that 3/4 the 3/4 inch depth and go nice and easy using a smaller trail getting a proper coverage so that they’re still nice and strong and adhered job go smoother I don’t have any clean up to go to growl job is done perfectly it’s nice clean easy I had to take the extra time to do correct prep work that’s for I driving to the guys when they’re in their training they’re told prep work is up to them I don’t care of the shower goes an extra day to get it done correctly I will never hear from a homeowner that I’m sorry.

I’m gonna have to take up another half day to grout I as I plan in that extra day just in case we gotta have a little bit of variation I never had a hut customer complain about it No to do it right we had to go a little bit further we have to a little bit more currents out perfect his Tile Installer Kansas City is an art when you’re doing something that they want perfect Down I’ve would always tell my guys to take their time do their prep work we will work it out it means me being out in the field to help them I’ll be out there next to him helping them Anything to keep the jobs on track on time on budget guarantee this is why we are the masters Next one talk about making sure then they’re using the right material I did usually only 3 backer boards that can be used in wet areas showers that is green board very noticeable its green wonder where they got the name I it’s looks exactly like cheap rockets made of the same material just sheet rock as you the white or purple and this is green simple to look for it doesn’t wick water something about the paper on the outside and I it is proper to use in the shower and there’s only 2 other cases other park proper back a boys for sure what areas concrete board looks at concrete dark very rough and capture when they are with there’s 1X or step when installing on top of concrete backer board a train they are wedding down there a backer board that make sure that they don’t Flash drive their thin set and cause a failure Flash trying that then said will make it where it does it achieve its chemical bond to the ceramic or porcelain Tile Installer Kansas City and will cause a failure where I will be very easy to pop those tiles off and Eve he had the chance of a next is didn’t you dentures will we use with our favorite very similar to dry wall to chips and bass brought up just like I dry wall the only difference is it’s fiberglass in forest green forest.

Set and a vinyl backer on it you don’t have the issue of it Flash drying your thin set I and II actually is a waterproof and non wicking material as well makes a little bit of an extra insurance that are showers aren’t gonna fail if they do leak perhaps you’ve got a an extra assurance that it’s not going to leak Does the back aboard is going to hold that waters how can a grow mold it’s gonna be there forever Classes another purely cosmetic issue as well using unscented grout in large grout joints purely goes down to them reading the bag of the product it is that simple read the instructions he instruction States for and sanded grout not to use it on a bigger than an 8th inch grout joints I would even use that to that size is designed to go in between really tight for its 16th smaller 30 seconds something that you barely have to grout that’s where I’d Sunday grout is used because it’s not sealed to campeius every can be sealed but is not a huge point to ceiling.

It is designed to be easy soft and go into those spots and hold in there and It’s just a for that process is need don’t really need much waters not gonna get through there and if it does again we have extra surance is behind it but because a Tile Installer Kansas City is not waterproof but we put behind it is water but this issue causes when you go into that big grout joint is an inability to get it to even out and look good there what I use sanded grout Sandy grout is the only difference is adding sand and latex to make it sealed and hold up to those larger joints side sand gives it a little bit of structure in between their unions strike your joints get them nice and even fill that and avoid all the way up on Sandy ground it’s going to be impossible to get even look good and you have streaks across it just looks like krapp and it’s all because they want to use an easier grout put the extra effort in looks extra good again and I hope that these little things to look for can help you get rid of the guy before he goes too far especially when it is coming to the entire house.