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Hello tile masters here again with another Podcast covering Tile Installer Kansas City. When to go over older homes again tile in older homes has changed significantly in the past 75 years Kansas City lot of our homes were built 1937. teen sixties the all those areas have different methods different techniques and different ways to to use it last time we talked about on slap board sub sub pouring this time we’re gonna be talking mount an even older method which was mud said mud said was you most labor intensive method of setting Tile Installer Kansas City I feel I’m glad we don’t do it anymore I’m glad we have been smart enough to come up with ways around this method and we have definitely improved aura own who actually one of my most favorite business man’s “always give the laziest man the hardest job as he will figure out the easiest way to do it Donald Trump doesn’t always work you gotta be careful using that philosophy I suspect is only by his all monsieur guys are still dedicated to doing their job they can be lazy.

I tell my guys I’m lazy I wanna find the easiest way to do this and the more times I do it but easier I get it makes it Tile Installer Kansas City is especially in the Midtown the older sections mud set is 90% of what they did a total sign when I walk in the Room I would just get a remodel with it if your tile looks like it’s a 1/2 inch thick is mud set balls might set walls Much at walls are a in stick actually they take up the half inch drywall which they didn’t use drywall back then it was either slat boards and plaster or fireboard almost it was 3 quartering inch thick and very heavy lot of mud on top of it but what they used to do back in those days was take on the slat boards they would coat it in wire laugh the same way that we do our stone work here at tile masters coated in the same sure that we used to do stonework in and without a mortar brick and mortar then pile the same thickness tile we can still get the same tile there are actually pages on On Pete save the pink and green showers that art the ugliest things in the world that want to see it I guarantee you’ll crack up but it was they would take more mortar and pact that on top of it and skim coated with their level making sure is nice and flat then take their tile tap and him with a hammer right on top and this is bulletproof inch thick concrete plus Tremont tile on it.

I’m surprised that they ever fail they don’t we go in there they just don’t like the look of it anymore that’s why they want to well there’s nothing wrong with them they were flashed hundreds of years and they look perfect I wish craftsmanship was that easy to find nowadays with I don’t walk into any one of these looking at crooked or mismatched tiles they’re all perfect the paid attention to what they were doing and that’s because of how much prep work they had to do there was so much work involved in setting Tile Installer Kansas City but nowadays how do you make that shower look modern updated and on a budget OK challenge accepted so we turn these out it is extremely difficult it’s dusty it is all sledgehammer work sledgehammer work being careful I their the wire lath is Fraser sharp it is difficult to work with is hard to get out and I’ve even cut myself pretty badly on wire lad is You gotta be careful take your time again I don’t want anybody get hurt safety is 1st I dared L let’s get it out of there I it is lot of labor and lot of ex cost to get that out ….

Then we have the next issue so modern products that we can buy are a 1/2 inch thick wall that we just tore out is now a 1″ thick how we have to our use twice as much product to build that out and again it’s just our half inch didn’t shield and are updated products with it flushing it out making all smooth that it goes back to just R standard methods of sheet rock mud tape everything else or tile getting that put ice flat surface with the that then said her or patch them we can use within are acceptable limitations and going back with it this is you sunshower waltz this was actually on the wall and this is what made the showers so bulletproof roxolan not gonna go nowhere now they did the same thing on the floor so it’s a mud set floor is one the very 8 circumstances that we can actually over lay tile other on top of a nother material song is it hasn’t been set on once it is 3” thick of solid concrete they reinforced the eye of building around this for it is very heavy it is set it exceeds limitations of how we build houses now according toward towards at pounds per square foot you can put on a for voice and a sub for that we use today’s code But twitch its strong if they don’t mind a higher transition I can set over the top of it and stick directly to that Tile Installer Kansas City to tile they did such a great job with the original tile that I can set over it and that again goes back to the craftsmanship that we used to do for says what we do now Compared to what did you now Dick I with this if they are accepting of it us raising the floor quarter this recorders of an inch at again and all depends on how flat the floor is it still could have cracked everything else it does crack a morning to wanna add an extra membrane to it’s called an uncoupling membrane is actually the same stuff that we waterproof the showers.

It isolates the movement between the existing 4 to my new floor and goes over expansion joints everything else to prevent that crack from transitioning to the Tile Installer Kansas City surface above it but it is INS good standings I feel like that Tile Installer Kansas City is stuck to that perfectly because again a for is only as good as its 1st layer whatever that 1st layers it here to is how good the next layers gonna go to which will go into on more but other saps on order homes and other common failures of contractors might if they are comfortable with that I will scuff it up with a broom are not a broom a grinder again we have a great vacuum club filtration system very minimal dust I is very surprising you don’t really even have to wear a mask even though our guys do a as an actual precaution that is very simple very clean and if it is we leave the door on closed off to one area put up some plastic little extra step that makes tile masters the masters