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Hello welcome back to Tile Installer Kansas City show. J we’re gonna be talking about how we get our installers in how we train our installers in little bit about how we operate here at tile masters some of the hardest things that we have have at tile masters actually finding qualified installers especially ones that we can train and Bream up to the standards of tile masters because our standards are way higher than most other tiles delay should companies here at time a masters we generally do not ask for any kind of experience with Tile Installer Kansas City work. We’d much rather train our guys ourselves because we can they don’t have any Pad have its work into them when we do I hire an installer we’ve tried to my find the attitude that is correct that attitude being someone that wants to shed their work shown off that they take pride in their work they’re willing to slow down to make sure that the job is done correctly and up to par Up to par ….

We used to from materials that most installation companies have never heard of that and we do do things a little differently that makes our product superior to other insulation companies tile has changed tremendously over the last few years and tile masters prides itself on being up-to-date with all the current standards according to the TC in a manual including some things that have recently changed and some things that we just don’t feel comfortable we always do and exorsted ep everything’s glued and screwed makes it really difficult if wheat if they ever have to tear out our work at 1 hates it and that’s a great sign in my mind because if we weren’t meant we didn’t make it to be removable we also are preferred method is to actually hire somebody without any experience at all no construction background or very minor this is where we can get a train them to exactly our standards One of our installers as an apprentice during that time for me it usually takes 2 to 3 years before they move on to AA installation position during that 23 years they’re gonna be watching observing learning all the tools had operate all the tools and learning the hand eye coordination that comes with having a hands on job Howard where we operate business you’re at tile masters they will start getting them actually onto tile installation will put him on some small simple jobs nothing too crazy some that we can feel that they would be able to accomplish this is going to challenge them and also build their confidence gets have 90% of the Tile Installer Kansas City work.

Here it’s all about confidence that they can get it done that they will look good what is done how to show a those mistakes in that happened what can be the afternoon what can’t be left Add after night they become that glorified helper nail still be working with an installer so they have some money go to and how would I do this or could you help me with this I’m having some issues here can you give me that little tip or trick that makes sharp how you you would have complish it is just like any other trade 90% of the traits are all just little tricks that the old timers know and they somehow just never give up and once you learn all those tricks you’ve got it down and you can accomplish anything and that’s for that confidence that I’m going to get it I’m gonna mess up on a mess up at a million miles an hour’s when my favorite things hes gonna hit it hard hes gonna get you to get it right or he’ll learn ever mistake as a learning opportunity and mistakes happen we take care Room we own up to our mistakes customer never has to worry about it because will see it before they do and we talk to the guys and every single job we review with them and say you did great job this could have been done a little bit better if you do this it would aganlo bit faster for you or would’ve been a little bit easier for you and those are day job by job is all different but all the same at the same time I might spot the read white Tile Installer Kansas City is such a difficult process to do especially when you get into the intricate high quality Tile Installer Kansas City that we do install As a glorified helper they have moved into the mid stage of being in Thailand’s installer add L.

Be another 2 to 5 years before they and become a full installer each and every time progressing to harder and harder jobs and more more questions answered as they move along this where a lot of our guys take have 510 years experience before they ever become an installer at tile masters tile can be difficult tile changes sizes there’s low quality Tile Installer Kansas City that we still make look perfect because we know how to fight and how to keep it straight even though the tiles aren’t square apart the hardest thing to teach an installer and it is purely they just got to work with it longer and we we see then and if it does get out of their hands we have that installers always on the job with them so that they can step in and give them a hand make sure it turns out to the high quality standards of tile masters This is all A510 year process that takes time and experience and just trial-and-error we all make mistakes long as we learn from our mistakes we are progressing forward and that’s where tile masters takes a lot of time to invest in their guys treats them well and they end up moving to beyond their expectations of ever being able to set tile I know when I started and IA had a lot of attention detail from the military but I wasn’t all that great I took a was really slow I had been taught some methods that were not a correct and it to me a lot of time to weed those methods out of my head do in order to get the correct methods of setting Tile Installer Kansas City and once I started getting the bed habits worked out of me which was because I had a little bit of experience it’s so sordid to work out I end up getting faster and faster and higher quality and the misspells shapes all didn’t throw me off my confidence was up and that’s what we see in our installers this is how we get our installers up to high-quality standards.