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Hello tile masters here again with another pipe gas out when talk to you guys about older homes older homes and their different stride g’s different materials different codes of the time and how Tile Installer Kansas City was installed so differently and how so many different products. Can go into an older home remodeling the daughter penned on the installation methods in the home building products that word you said that time for a they very very quickly between 1932 I 19th 80 is well when we started using modern methods 99 2002 1000 is the most modern when it comes to showers because as well as the introduction of the suitor shower system and the waterproof you membrane which deftly gave us a leg up in our battle against water and also helped her backs we stopped using concrete which I am very thankful for so older homes is tiling kids city we work in Midtown a lie down and cared city is beautiful areas homes were well designed a very intricate and very well built homes very old methods of change products of change a ways we’ve done this has changed sometimes we had to go back to the older methods and tile masters still knows the older methods and that said dying art I and order homes is one of our specialties because we still I know the old techniques and how to give by the old techniques with new and advanced products that are actually green and Eco friendly as well.

Which I believe tile masters is the only company that I for use this is so going back from 1932 1960 use code for some floors to be half inch slat boards where you can tell this is when we get to the cell floor or if we can see the cell for I or I asked the 8 the in home games consultation I talk about I the age of the house and we do a remodel that is my prediction for my estimate of what that under Lehmann is as on budget on gi’m guarantee I can do that because I have the knowledge that of the codes I can predict that this is what it is so sideboards are half inch 01 by sixes running on a diagonal a rando crossed your floor I my home is an older home I have it in my house and I had to use this new product new product is called ngo board it is a magnesium oxide half inch board who makes his products so superior is that it is a structurally strong board it is also Eco friendly you can actually eat it doesn’t taste good.

I have licked it and tried it don’t suggest it but it is maybe some oxide is the same thing that making Tums so Ed is completely healthy about the grades but it doesn’t bio How degrading water so it is a waterproofing material again just like our didn’t feel product now so this adds another benefit so this is one of the products we use that different from other installation companies we use this a newest and greatest product I By for the cost of it we have to go back to the older method so for we introduce this product a few years ago and done a research on it and matric was a good product for this type of insulation will use to have to to bring in up to code over these slat boards overlay it with half inch plywood to give it that strength of a deflection because we’ve talked about too much vibration in the floor will cause then set the fail is then said hates movement so I had to make this floor strong so we would have to overlay it 1/2 inch plywood then we can’t stick to plywood so we had to underlay it again so with the introduction of the ngo board knees older homes we have been able to actually reduce our cost because of not having to add extra labor we would don’t have to overly this floor twice now we can now set this ngo board down it acts as are under Lehmann as well because it does not cook expand and contract like plywood does which is why we have an under women so because of expansion and contraction coefficients a Tile Installer Kansas City expands a lot more or tout wood explains It’s lot less than Tile Installer Kansas City.

And that’s why there’s other playing said we will have to plan into larger floors and bigger projects dead a lot of companies do overlook as well This product also gives an added benefit of fluoride so if you walk through your twenties homes thirtys all way too about the sixties more times its remodeled you can tell you walk through there and I you’re stepping up into rooms or down into rooms that is a sure sign fire sign that this Room was either add on or remodeled I and they did it cheap they didn’t on a budget or they just stuck something over the top of it they didn’t take the time of Terry and out and doing it correctly and this is but we have found with this ngo board that when we tear it all out and do it correctly on the slat boards the old school method of just a few years ago would install R and happened plywood are under Lehmann tile it and we did not being a cool half inch higher than the floor around us and have to do a transition in that area where yet the step up is also words also been great for the order people order customers that are on wanting to stay in their homes longer ngo board reduces the floor height by a quarter of an inch where I’m usually only higher than by a corps of and instead most Customers would not notice about the height of aTile Installer Kansas City which isn’t much and Ben where we don’t have to have those transitions we can put a small ramp to it and carpet meets up to it perfectly hardwood meets up to it just with a little ledge and given us at added benefit of we used the correct material to do the tieless lation correctly.

We will end up with a better product and this is what we predict just because of us coming out in seeing it I look for it this is what I wanna CIA and then we don’t I in of going down or needing this product I don’t I believe in the philosophy of now I don’t wanna company to screw me over I’m not going to do that to my customers we didn’t use it when I take it off my items it estimates A-line item you’ll see that 1 the bottom you’ll see a change water for it going down the guarantee is on budget on time and we thing that could go happen is it going down beds on way we do that is beings able to predict every aspect of the job N older homes are definitely a difficult one will be more on this subject and the future I’m sure