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Blue tile masters again now to Cannes city talk to you again about Tile Installer Kansas City craftsmanship. One day to talk to you a little bit about common mistakes pilot other Tile Installer Kansas City stuff to look forward as well so that as a homeowner you can help protect yourself against getting Abaddon tile installation job some of these mistakes are prettier common sense but they are once that are overlooked quite often than end up causing failures vary it fairly quickly down the road we want you to have the best job possible even if it’s not by us stilled made this is him the things I did look for while I and other talent got company is in your house so that you can prevent mistakes in the future ….

Just wanna go ahead and state then all these mistakes can happen and they will it is stuff that while I’m on my job for what you my guys and training my guys I always teach them that these are the some of the things that can make a job fail instantly even though it’s very simple but without further ado let’s jump right into it when the main things that cause the floor to fail that a lot of installation companies overlook is thin setting down there under Lehmann this doing this creates where you don’t have any voids are gaps underneath it does aura Smith that we used to glue down tile is all about having structure and support when you have a void on meat that is going to cause movement and the only thing that is going to destroy then said is movement movement vibration when we tear out tile the biggest thing that we can do is smack it with the hammer because it vibration that loosens up then said and pops that tie loose so if you could imagine your walked across the floor as geeven just a 16th or even less of a gap underneath it in a cause that floor to move up-and-down up-and-down and over time that’s going to cause fractures in stress.

Across the floor then setting down the under limit prevents it creates fills in all the voids then nailing it down needs be nailed down every 6 to 8″ I tell them of my guys nail the crapped out of it nails are cheap replacing floors not this is one the big common mistakes it’ll end up where your foot traffic going I will cause every Tile Installer Kansas City that you step on to eventually crack out all the it then said And a those tiles will start DE laminating from the as sub surface and the whole floor needs to be pulled up and redial so few watching your guide do entire work prep work is key 90% of our jobs all prep Next layout layout is one the things it determines the difference between a good installer and a great installer tile isn’t designed to fit the Room we gotta make the Room or the tile fit the Room so lot of companies or guy’s a come out there are bucket trials they center the Room that’s all they do that can’t be wrong and they end up with slivers in the doorway stood a small tile over here makes us stand out and what makes great installer is his thought process before he starts doing tile IA just went out to another job where Harry Mon back splash they didn’t center the herringbone correctly mrs Wanda more difficult patterns where the center is in a difficult point between 2 different points on tile common mistake I’ve even made it had to redo it but you learn the 1st time you do it you learn so that is small and the biggest things that determines the difference between an OK tile and a great Tile Installer Kansas City up Dial here in Kansas City has gone down in quality and that’s why I do when my customers about getting tile out upon depot and places like that it ends up not saving them money because I required them to by 25 to 30% more but those irregular tiles are does make it more difficult on the installer and they end up having can’t just go in there input and even space on every single tile and ends up growing are moving in the Zel you get tile that is at a level halfway up the shower or grows throughout the shower indignant have Kraut joins match enough weed vent this is really just practice being able to see what’s going to hide to your I eat and but still being the stay straight takes a lot of practice little bit of confidence biggest suggestion is step back and just look at your work the end of the day take a look at it if you don’t like it pop it all off try again next day just putting those tiles backup could change how you it’s gonna lay out next is improper waterproofing so they’re already couple different systems that go into waterproofing and a shower now a days old school method is the concrete Pan with a coral eyeliner color line is only waterproof the shower up about 6 to 12″ and but it goes underneath the concrete plan so when you if you have a guy’s going in there to do tile that is up on a concrete plan is a thick rubber liner just be watching make sure that they don’t cut the corners as one of the biggest things that their folder corners up to took up behind the I tile backer they like to cut him and as you can imagine cutting something Is waterproof makes it no longer waterproof this is a system that’s kind of going out of date.

If we do poor concrete pen we use these schluter shower a system on top of it is prevents if the pay and cracks or anything like that as she isolates that crack away from the tile in does it show through my more popular method is the schluter’s out shower system or us she showers system or the weedy shower system 3 bows popular brands they use a waterproofing membrane that needs a minimum of 36″ up the walls so and then M all corners and splits need to be overlap by 2″ by another piece of Bay and/or more than of the waterproofing I just went out to a job where a Porter concrete Pan put the waterproofing over the Pan only done it banded their corners and I didn’t go up the wall 36″ what’s going to happen now as when Tile Installer Kansas City gets behind that tile or behind the grout or anything like that so to go into the concrete border tile backer rolled down the right the sub floor it’s not leaking out in the floor below it just being a as are tiling go in there look begun to see Orange or Gray upon the walls he need to have at least at 36″ minimum more if it’s not on a tile back award brings us to the next one not using a tile back aboard in wet areas and we are proved backer board for wet areas is either didn’t shield Cancri board or I green board which is AI Gibson dry wall but is rated for wet conditions not a new construction builders will try to cheapen their build by using the same sheet rock that they put in dry areas in the shower it is OK but not Not OK with.

We come across this because we’ve had had contractors try to do this we pay extra to add waterproof up to the shower head this keeps that away from all the water away from that backer board and Lao’s it if it does get behind the Tile Installer Kansas City to roll behind the tile down that water proving down to the drain and then back to where supposed to be these are just some of the major come stakes that you can look for and hopefully this will help prevent you from ever happening to have a tieless lation job I tore out right after it was done within a few years because these floors and showers that we do put in already for 10 to 25 years so and it’s night it’s extra expensive to have somebody come in after the fact to have tile tore out put back in and then tore out again and done the correct way I the cheapest guy doesn’t always mean that you’re gonna get the most quality Tile Installer Kansas City is in art that needs to be done right and prep work is 95% of it I really hope this helps some of you guys thank you very much for listening to me talk about Tile Installer Kansas City.