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Hello welcome back to Tile Contractors Kansas City glad to have you out here we’re gonna be talking about some of the projects in different things that we do here at tile masters and how we get these accomplished in with the most perfection as we can jump right into it we do tile work and if you wanted anywhere we could basically put it now includes master bass rash bass or one of our major ones because that comes in with our customs our pans where we use his shooter shower system we’ve been using it for about 10 years use a Styrofoam Pan with a Orange or Gray waterproofing membrane I in the past 10 years we have had a single leak as far as a failure issue it makes it live it quicker easier to train it is low bit more expensive S r’s surprise but with that price you’re getting a superior product that will hold up their the test of time we are a big fan of Sluiter we use a lot of schluter parts in our shower system and they’re recessed shelves corner shelves biggest 1 is there trend line which is there metal edging which is 1 the cheapest ways to do Bono’s and they have some great styles now that they are updating from being a commercial company to a residential company for Tile Contractors Kansas City to work hard.

You won’t have any more research on the sweeter products they’re all online German company that takes pride in their work they deftly do a fantastic job at everything that they produce in use and provide for us That’s where our biggest projects thrive when our Tile Contractors Kansas City are generally master shower said custom showers but we can also do these in just a regular Hall best we can take AA5 foot tub your standard tub and schluter makes a Pan that’s designed to go to directly on where that tub would sit and updates from a tub to a shower I know tubs are kind of getting out of date and with special in the older age homes they are working away away from tubs because they’re just not being used very much I’m seeing that they’re not even be and installed a lot of times in new construction of them one small half bath master bass don’t really get their Jacuzzi cubs like they used with their Tile Contractors Kansas City to because people Add and/or showers they are recessed shelves 12 by 20 reset shelf gets you AA big shelves we can fit your pump bottles of shampoo and conditioner and soap and then a small ship shell for your soaps and your shavers in all hairy stuff when the most popular options we can also custom build niches and waterproof them with the suitor product and they those are big on a case by case basis is but I if we wanted too large a shelves because multiple people a lot of people have a lot of products and him the schluter shelves generally can only hold about 3 pop bottles and then a couple bars as soap on and eat it no one is shaving shelves and corner shelves.

I corner shows we build them out of the tile on top and bottom to they’re nice and pretty and about 12″ trying all out of the corner perfect for your pump bottles and oh I like to use me as a beer shelf to but that is me then shaven shelf shaving shells we do the exact same thing Lil bit smaller download for I for shaving in using being of proper 3′ corner seats as well 30″ corner seat goes right into the side were as a triangle about 4″ tall and tiled everything around it and for your seats and shelves as well then feature stripes as well mosaic strange going through the shower horizontal or board vertical odd pence on Button 5 times I we go in there and kitchen stove features I will Box out of a good 2′ by 3′ square and put a different pattern into it and a really a singe awaits the stove area and really makes the kitchen pop even if we do the entire stove area and it completely different tile they they liked the change the pattern in home and really shows off the kitchen very well outdoor patios we asked to outdoor patios out for patios I do have an extra step of getting AM waterproof we almost waterproof are showers or outer party is just like we do our showers which gives him a long long jetty I lot of peat customer Earth is station companies I will a tile directly to that concrete and that really isn’t the best way it will work but only last about 23 years whereas when we go in there and waterproof with our schluter Matt and ban in corners we are getting the lifespan of almost 8 to 10 years before you ever see any issues with it and that includes the grout a lot of a lot of customers are complaining about grout not holding that colors will use the Tech power grout and mocked a alter color they are already have a sealer in latex fortified so you have very little maintenance and issues with them and they hold your color surprisingly well in AA wet environments even in the outdoor porches where they’re getting full elements beaten down on them at all times We have to do on your state or tops rounds we are experts in every pattern that you can put in as far as style herringbone when the biggest challenges with that is being centerfold with Tile Contractors Kansas City working and considering of a herringbone is actually center up to different points versus the head of the arrow a lot of installers missed that and usually a note about a 1/2 to 2″ off and it really shows when you’re trying to center a kitchen splash with that herringbone we want that perfectly center so that we can I it really shows how much attention to detail we have when just in our layouts that we do with the are tile layouts can make a huge difference between a great installer and then OK installer.

It’s nothing ned they get didn’t do anything wrong but it could have done a lot better and that’s where we’re makes us truly different is we take and we know those layouts and we we talk to him about it they we see how we could get this the tight fit the tile to the Room instead of just sticking down the tile and whatever happens happens that’s not what we do we make sure that it is in the best possible place and will To heat a they come with a great Wi-Fi controlled smart naval and thermostat heated floors is one of the most efficient ways to heat your house with the Tile Contractors Kansas City installing the tile is being heated up it takes very little energy to keep it at that warm temperature it can actually heat the entire house yourself that radiant in energy and is actually by square footage the cheapest method to heat your house because it adds that extra insulation keeps that concrete that we bed that we put everything aligned nice and warm and that really shows especially when you’re going to the bathroom at you step out of that shower to a nice warm floor takes all the cold and the chill off of it it is very 1 of the greatest things that you’ll ever get to getting your house if you do last is 188 pans we do do curbless shower systems where we’ll recess the floor and build our pans down on to the floor Joyce and makes it completely smooth entry completely 88 compliant some for older gent customers that we work for really love that that being able to stay in their houses a Lil bit longer which I know is a big thing for them that they don’t want to give that up yet and we can make that a complete possibility for them so the more fun projects that we do as some of the in Leigh’s and natural stones we’ve take in 18 by 18 tiles wrapped in ribbons and we use them as mekstrom a terial into it so that we can get those perfect without having to do a lot of guesswork and floating and a really turns out perfect with our Tile Contractors Kansas City on site.