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Hello Tile Contractors Kansas City, here again with another podcast their one to walk through where I would you stonework which are be honest in school poly 1 my most favorite jobs that we get to do its the most creative you get to most have the most amount of fun there really isn’t no wrong way you can make it look however you wish or however the customer wishes I would you get some other jobs that I’ve seen out there where they take the stonework and make spirals with it and they don’t stay level at all and they make a design out of it I like to see if I could accomplish that I had some good ideas I deftly think I could just would take a look and like I say in all these Podcast prep work pop work is key to everything tile is easy and difficult.

If you go in there with a plan you will accomplish that plan even though if you make changes along the way and think they say in school begin with the end in mind same kind of thing tile as prep work the prep work better the Galaxy and ago But stonework there is a couple different heights there is most We do is Leger panels or stacks down both very similar edge panels are in 36″ by 24″ panels but the stone cut out of them both have their And both had their tricks work with Tell beating with legit panels most common the edge panels I can do a few different ways in the layout is key I ask customer beforehand when we’re talking about ledger panels is either ordering corners or mitering the corners mitering cost takes a lot more time looks very clean I it just is very meticulous it requires an extra piece of equipment as well so that’s where you get those tight sharp corner on the edge it on wth Tile Contractors Kansas City and you can take those ledger panels and completely but them perfectly acrosst your panels to wrap a corner if there is a corner too Tell or date I make corners for making getting the corners does add the labor are material cost because I’m late because it’s vice versa it’s all about the look I always want them to be amazed at the look of it at the end So these are actually very simple to install Baco very smoothly don’t have to be flat or he sought to be flat scenici coverage of it by just like we’ve gone over before as the quarter inch deflection intently by TC and a manual ….

But this is all set that we discussed in our in house consultation at tile masters So it is again trial the wall stick it to it didn’t go that is really it but the challenging part about these ledger panels is the regular size and trying to stay so tight there is little things that we do to cover up that and it looks blends in on every stone that we’ve worked with then set that we use is a white sand a that we used to fill in gaps in joints as we go up and next to the wall is a making it look like it’s an actual stone fireplace and Nike was meant to be and is simple as just a little adaptation in trick that puts a tile installer from good to great that is basically all that you had to do for some stacks are electric panels led to panels are pretty simple then just paying attention in checking yourself 7 back looking at your work making sure it looks good taking that extra second to look at it Next is a stack stone jackstone Caesar individual pieces this is for you can get the most creative of making those designs in the shout in stacks home where they spinner twirls and/or make an image it’s all where I take up an entire Room in order to do these without a giant drop cloth we I want as many pieces out as possible to choose from and is where if the homeowner is in treig in what we’re doing and wanting to watch us this is the perfect time for them to get involved is I’m picking pieces I’m just seen what would look the best their eyes looked the picture I wanna make picture happen that that simple as a mind set is that prop work is very minimum add it is completely different then any other tile stores you are using a material called wire laughed nape staple that to the wall again staples are cheap failures or not I stapled a craft out of it have some fun go to town over move all attacks.

Then you’re gonna be spreading mode over that mortar mix live a different than talton said it’s Libby more Sandy not as much water and skim coat that let it dry for a minute as all you do is plot mode on the back of it stick it to it that’s stacks down and you get to pick the pieces in go to town all you gotta do is step back guys are good and I can see level which everyone can you naturally stand level follow what your body says it’s gonna be correct and look at it does it look good good keep going That’s it’s simple as get a you can break the pieces you can their natural stone you can do whatever you want to make it look good for makes it so much find to do I you can’t go wrong song is it looks good and there’s again pictures are worth a 1000 worlds we we liked pictures I like customers that come from pinterest as a this is what I wanted to look like can you make it happen absolutely I don’t you looking for ….

And sec stone again that’s where you get to be that creative and that extra fun to it especially when the customer gets ball where we go the extra mile is also going around outlets somebody that’s not paying attention that doesn’t look at the tile look at what they’re doing it’s going to put stack stone is not even not flush with stuff not so how do you put a plate cover on it common sense question how many gonna get plate cover to look good on that I’m thinking tore ahead to the electrician if we’re new in a remote is could also be towards me how many to make that look good Well if I choose the right stones now that you again why take up so much Room layout although stones I see A-day’s big flat 1 I’m gonna save that 1 for round and outlet Because now I can improve that job just a little bit more Just that simple Again I hope we get to do more stonework it is one my favorites but and this is basically how we we go about our jobs stepped out here at tile masters whom we are the masters with our Tile Contractors Kansas City.