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Hello tile masters again out of Kansas City here with our Tile Contractors Kansas City for yet another fantastic Podcast. Today we’re gonna be talking about how we accomplish a bathroom/shower Start with the shower basic shower going in there to remodel it were updating the style stunning recent methods Valley only about 10:20 years old starting to show its age but it’s need to be replaced not leaking just one update the style don’t go in there and 1st step a tear out all the old and lot of customers ACS do this and are very very surprised by how quickly we can tear these showers out will remove the entire wall all it wants turn around the edges of it and cut all which of the stud walls and smack a hole in and dish with some brute force in extra effort level to grunting yank that whole panel off the wall the tile holds its size self together to the wall and you could pull that whole panel all at once just keep working at it working at it sometimes somebody with a little bit bigger someone that puts a for cellnet definitely helps I’m a little guy I had to struggle on some of these panels wouldn’t you end up working in enough in a your pull it right off all at once I just gotta make sure that you cut all of your edges Ed it’ll won’t do any damage the out exterior the wall and yank that whole wall panel off And most even to the tear out on the floor terrace on the floors low bit different bending on one it said on best bet sledgehammer more vibration that we can put into that floor the better when we smack.

Its Mac it’s Mac were then set hates vibration that vibration source causing stress fractures in it and sap certain to work that tile free a good installation job we’re taking up in pieces tiny little pieces and any of our jobs that we fed tear out is in quarter to half inch pieces as the biggest bag and solatium job going to be borne up almost whole tiles their deep for DE laminating from the thin set bed and Terrell tells you everything about how the tile grout has died where their failures were where they did a great job at and why it’s failing customers are more than happy to start asking questions are when I was learning how to do tieless less’n I had dune 95% of the repairs I hear at tile masters his prepares happened as sometimes people just don’t have their day but the repairs taught me a lot about why it’s failing and there was a really big benefit on how I do and my installations now to prevent those failures don’t back to the Wolf we’ve gotten all the whole shower pool floor tore out and now reddit start doing a prep or don’t let say this is just a tub surround tub surround we’re going to start applying or tile backer board to the wall are we use the din she’ll product Gibson baseboard with a vinyl backing that goes out I this final backing is action waterproof if we were to cook over corners and are screw holes.

We already waterproof the shower via our Tile Contractors Kansas City and we knew we had to go over with another system but fertile IA tub surround there is no need for it the reason why it there is no need for it is because the tile backer actually sits on top of top of the tub is allows if water does get behind the tile that it rolls down the tile because I didn’t shield a dozen with water it repels it and keeps it as flowing down towards the tub it’ll hit that Tom roll out from underneath our tile not towards a wall because it’s still all sloped by the time the tub inward and then drips into the tub back into the drain were supposed to go causing no damage or issues and boompkin on floor joists or anything like that because the products that we use A this point we’re gonna stay II to customers as if it’s gonna be indeed some extra waterproofing or anything I card occurred I met the needs to go up on the walls to waterproof the walls we can install this I’m doing it for another customer here recently I it is a little bit of overkill not a lot of need for it I just because a that Pan goes underneath the walls tours to the stud wall and prevents that water from leaking towards sub 4 or 2 by 4 or the Frome structure of the house she has wanted iconic show you guys away from that just because it isn’t unnecessary no one make you spend money you don’t have to Then we got a tile backer board up now it’s time to start doing only up big benefit from what we have now is her laser levels we used to have throw up take a guess of how we want in our layout is layout is key this is where we spend 90% of our time is just thinking about where this we want all this tile to sit and take into account of everything we should be in another Room laying out tile all the way across the Room so we can get the right size across this I so oldschool matter was draw a lot level light on the wall measure couple ties make sure it’s gonna work and then start tiling if it actually fits through but laser levels we can can take a guess make adjustments very quickly.

So it Stephanie sped us all up for Tile Contractors Kansas City is we don’t have to trawl those lines anymore and spin those time using a hand level and made us more accurate so our Tile Contractors Kansas City could do an awesome job. Tell we’re checking to see if the pit the tub in the or the Pan is level and flat I making sure that we’re not gonna have a sliver up at the ceiling as we wanted to attempt to start a for tile off the tub but that doesn’t always work so well in not having to cut it always make that adjustments to make sure the tile fits the area not the other way will make the tile fit that area Don’t this point we’re gonna start our installation process we finalized our layout we’re happy with where all of our size pieces that we gotta have it all areas and we have drawn out where we’re going to one corner shells reset shelves because those are gonna be installed as we’re doing our tile work II draw them up on the wall she says a reminder so I don’t get in a groove in I’m always up to the ceiling by the in the day and men they were supposed to be a reset shelf in this wall now I’m host I gotta tear it all doubted start over to install that reset shelf so trollop that of foam on the wall started tile work and except somethin said I get that 1st level row 1st love a row is key the better you do on that 1st row the easier jobs gonna be going up the rest the shower so again this is going to take up 90% of the add time and sellers time After that it starts going quick just trolling go trout to the wall we wanna say tight the wall and level across our lines just keep going and then before you know it you have a tile shower lot of customers are very surprised they see nothing happening nothing happen and nothing happened to our Tile Contractors Kansas City in Bloom is all done and prep work is key once we get over prep work done over ducks in a row we’d egg starts to fly but that’s 4 makes that tiled a job perfect Out then trading next step is grout and seal when you’re on Ginny using the shower and enjoying it A pretty simple as far as then it have some of these tricks can help you guys out if you are doing any kind of your tear out or doing some of your DOD IY projects were always there to help thank you for taking time to work with our Tile Contractors Kansas City.