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Hello welcome to tile masters 1st Podcast all about our Tile Contractors Kansas City. I couldn’t think of any better way to kick this off than other than to explain the history the background and what makes tile masters the best tiled it’s lation company in Kansas City …. Today will be going over what makes us different how we all got started here the training process is that we go through the owner of the company him why he has such a high mentality when it comes to tile work and why we have customers come back to us every single time because we are the only people that they trust to get their tile work done correctly and guaranteed With no further ado let’s get this thing going with when we got started tile masters got started in 1994 doing primarily new construction work residential work Robert Rex was doing his own work at this point in time the owner of the company for that man Robert was a master plumber worked for his father for 20 years earning his right as in a commercial and residential plumber and working for AVM a here in Kansas City He got started to get an contracted to do the child work and the plumbing all the same time because of his high attention to detail and not wanting his product to look back as easy as that sounds is mostly wall tile back in the day and not as intricate with our Tile Contractors Kansas City as what we have now but still that same mentality carried forward he was getting tired of doing as plumbing work because you it’s been weeks on weeks a bunch of work and I all who would be covered up by the sheet rock and no one won to see it he wanted his work to be shown off and that’s where he got them entirety of perfection He went in with the metallic 80 that if this was my house would I accept it would.

It will be good enough for me and he has higher standards than most people that you can imagine Robert always wants to give the best he always thinks 3 steps ahead of everyone and it really shows in all of the work that we do he trains his own guys we breeding that mentality of perfection perfection is key This really shows with all their countless reviews we have on Google for Tyler Kansas City perfection is key if you want tile perfection look no further than tile masters Back in 1994 time message was just getting started he was still working as a plumber at same time is doing some the showers in some the new construction built as he adds and 9495 I took of a partner of again from ABM a and that partner i helped him sell little bit more and grow a little bit more and get a look at more work going into a tile masters but still Robert was always on every job site looking over his guys teaching them new things looking for new products and progressing the company to where it is now a days Homework started to pick up he finally had to start hiring people and as you we all know good workers are hard to come by he in up having to train every single one of our workers and lot of them are going on to working on their own companies because we train them to be the best but we treat them work so well that they don’t wanna leave as time progress is weed they move out and they end up becoming the great Connell installers and Tile Contractors Kansas City that you are out there that are hard to find Dial mesh is also a family owned and family operated company keeping it small camera quality high are we get watch over over guys which I really like so that I can keep that promise that I make to every customer that we come across that you will be wild at every aspect of tieless lation and you will be looking forward to showing this off to all of your friends once it’s completed that there’s nothing better then to seeing the happy happiest customer go in there and thank our Tile Contractors Kansas City. Like all my God I can’t believe it I can’t wait to show a my friend Susie what a great job our Tile Contractors Kansas City did. that all this new beautiful tile work and she’s going to be jealous and the Lord to hour for them to use so that we can I think in have the same thing there is not a single complaint a bag customer in our history ….

We bend over backwards with our Tile Contractors Kansas City to make sure that you are completely taking care of that you love us at in even though mistakes can happen they do I we are all human eye but what happens after the mistakes is what makes us really stand out that we don’t ask questions when we make Ark. We accept our faults and we get it corrected and that’s something that makes us so different than most other companies Rubber also brings into this company where he has M in the ideology that he is no longer providing just for himself he is providing for all of his employees if he doesn’t work the employees don’t work and then he has another family to take care of so it gives you that family mentality that for all in this together we all work together we work hard and we get the job done no matter what Thailand Kansas City since 1994 has definitely changed we have been no out more options lot more upgrades a lot more intricate pieces where before it was a lot of generic this is what you get and we keep adding to our repertoire of materials and installation techniques were always at adding in adapting and moving to the next set Now you know a little bit about tile masters to history of us him why we are the masters and will continue to be the masters for the next 25 years with our continuous adding of new materials new in state installation methods and how tile and Kansas City is constantly changing and will always be up-to-date and learning are newest methods and perfecting the old methods thank you for reading about our Tile Contractors Kansas City.