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Hello this is tile masters with our Tile Contractors Kansas City…umm days by gas we want to talk about an upcoming project that we’ve got going on a kind of a crazy morn we are the 2nd tile contractor can be into a new construction build that the homeowners are extremely upset new construction is a little bit easier than remodels and they were told by their builder that they were being too picky pon me inspecting the job I was extremely upset that that builders said that to them all of these complaints that they had were completely correct in my mind set and with our Tile Contractors Kansas City. I is something that we would have corrected about the get go they were common mistakes that were made it’s happened eyes before and we’ve had to tear it out and it’s how I also know how to fix these mistakes without having to do tear out and complete re redoing of the product Sound I’m going to this new construction build great couple they’re building their house their plan on not on staying in forever they didn’t allow the work themselves they very read up they knew what they were talking about they knew what they wanted.

As well and they knew what to expect and next actually the customer loop it easier to deal with because they see that were doing the correct thing and they give us our early way they a don’t they start trusting us more because they can understand me and understand our Tile Contractors Kansas City. I can understand them but go into this new construction build theirs immediately things that the 1st Room that I walk in that really set me off so 1st Room a walk hameless their 1st main bathroom on their at the 1st floor this build half million are home for bed bath rooms in here 3 bedrooms finished basement to splashes in the house so it’s a good size decent sized house walk into it it’s a yeah 3 by 3″ hexagon mosaic a new Hall shower tub surround set on concrete board so so far everything is done correctly upon I get closer and closer to it I start noticing least used a poxy grout and its white by then there’s splotches of yellow blotches of yellow and so mass of trying to figure out why they that we have these different colors especially with a poxy grout posse ground is very difficult to work with requires 2 to 3 people and…

A very very difficult to work on with the Tile Contractors Kansas City because you are using a posse glue with sand and coloring and once it’s mixed up it is set and it is hard equal it here to any tile on the surface creating a haze that you cannot get off without a razor blade in manual labor A so in the shower I the 3″ hexagon mosaics to do good job on the back wall both sidewalls are off I in earlier Podcast and we’ve talked about your regular tiles Ed how to deal with that and some of the mistakes that time was sollers do and that causes of failure so they did their back wall they didn’t do correctly was a start from the inside out this type of it tile you gotta start from the inside out so let it wraps around the corner correctly annoyed regret joint matches up so one area that they actually worked out that they did then halfway up the wall is 1 side started to grow because of the irregular sheets add caused it to be off as they went up the wall failure I in my mind jacking a failed in the tile hopefully not is out but I couldn’t tell without doing the terror which I’m getting ready to do in the next couple weeks but I that’s a cosmetic issue that would have been fixed in my mind the yellowing on the ground this was all caused by them not mixing the a poxy ground correctly knees be mixed in 1 batch all the parts mixed completely that they give you all at once there is no breaking you down this is what they give you this is what you have to mix up this was what caused this issue on top of that over washing over washing polished out all Collaret color washed out and now you have that yellow this actually the same issue that was in throughout the entire house and I was very very upset that they are these tile installers get to call themselves this is a brings entire industry down where I hope in the next few years to be able to set the standards here in Kansas City fertile they …. It should’ve been able to get away with this ….

This was the same failure and 90% in all the other for a tub surrounds in the house M over washing cars in the yellow and know the ground build-up some grout in the corner because they couldn’t the Tile Contractors Kansas City are working too big of an area and couldn’t wash it quick enough and it all hardened up and it’s stuck now nor the fix this we gotta go in there with AA abrasive cutting wheel and cause a lot of dust and debris to can a cut that out and just be would take to listen Titan slow in order to get out and get it nice and tight like a supposed to be and then don’t and that was in are all the tub surrounds in we go on toI’m still a few feet away 1st thing I notice they didn’t center the herringbone on the kitchen stove yet to different sized pieces on either side explained to the homeowner that was kind of nitpicking they hadn’t even noticed yet walk up to it and when I’m explaining it the same failure they will wash their grout there’s yellow in one area dark in another area only issue that I only thing I can do to correct this is a my pay grout refresh it’s happened to us before lot of grout we use the mop a ultra color plus she’s already sealed and fortified and a grout system has not let us down but Dryden in the trucks those bags these colorants in the San or 2 different size particles those cannot shake and separate and if you don’t mix up the entire bag I dry before you mix UI in up with the coloring on the bottom and the sand on top so you end up with blotching of colors that’s the same as if you don’t wash it evenly as your grounding is what they did with a poxy pox I can do the same thing.

By working with the Tile Contractors Kansas City at Tile Masters, pressure with water walls wet this with worst enemy takes almost a week for it to fully cure ready for water within 24 hours by a while we’re washing it we don’t wash it evenly your and end up with blotching a crossed it master shower master shower was the worst those concrete Pan they had already pulled some tile off because they chipped I’m using their leveling system because they want clean while they were doing their tireless elation pulled those spacers out chip the tile since they told him that it was cheap tile and that they were gonna leave it apparently they didn’t fly with someone and they finally decided that they were going to replace them put off those tiles 1st thing I asked where’s the waterproofing the only band of their corners they didn’t waterproof the reset shelf and there I just see failure after failure just waiting to happen especially with the shower this going to be used on a daily basis that shower the only way that we can fix this is a full guide and rido of the shower which sucks because they are so excited to move into this house and it just little failures at a little failures and feel badd for these homeowners because anybody can say that there a tile installer by it takes a pro someone that’s gonna give thought to it and read the instructions of how to use their products and I just hope didn’t this little bit of information can help you guys prevent you from running into the same failures that has happened to these customers thank you and always look to hire our Tile Contractors Kansas City.